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Field Trips, etc.
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Scheduled field trips and their detailed information are available to enrolled families. Sign-up and payment two weeks prior to each field trip is required to attend!

Field trips are voluntary opportunities for families in Sunland to explore learning opportunities together. Sunland field trips are open to all home schoolers (contact Sunland for a list of upcoming events. When attendance is limited, priority goes to Sunland families, then others. Field trips require signing-up and paying in advance. Sign-up sheets are available through the school office or at  parent meetings. You may also send a payment to the office to sign-up.

Field trips are available on a first-paid, first-come basis and may be limited to a specific age group. When a specific age group is listed, please do not bring other children not in that age group. A student must attend with his/her parent or another home school parent. If you are unable to attend or have any questions, please call the office. Jr/Sr High field trips are for Jr/Sr students and their parents only.

 Some field trips may have specific instructions which have not been shared with the school prior to the event. Please be understanding if you arrive and discover new information. Directions on school flyers, or in the school calendar--while reliable, but not guaranteed--are only to be used as an aid in planning. Always do a reality check and watch out for construction and unexpected changes. For the courtesy of others, arrive at the field trip in advance of it's starting time. When you arrive, keep your children with you at all times. Please, do not let them climb on, over or between any areas not designated for such activity! This is a common courtesy.

For more information about upcoming field trips, contact Sunland.

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