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    Sunland is an accredited private school offering homeschool (Kindergarten - 12th) to families throughout the United States. Sunland offers a variety of approaches; textbooks, workbooks, online courses, college classes or a combination. Sunland was involved in the California Court of Appeal ruling (2008), Untitled-1c declaring homeschooling as legal in California for the first time! Read about it.

administratorOffice and Mailing Address:
13216 Leach St., Sylmar, CA 91342 (Need Directions?)
(818) 523-6791 / 1-800-525-4419 / (818) 362-1489 fax / Principal Terry and Laura Neven
  “Welcome! If you looking into homeschooling as an option for your child’s education, we have theIMG_5793 B resources and encouragement you need to begin this journey. Maybe you will homeschool just for this year, or maybe until high school is complete. Either way, we would love to talk with you and answer your questions about how it works. You can call our office (1-800-525-4419), email us, or fill out a Contact form and we will be happy to help. Besides being personally involved in homeschooling since 1981, Laura and I were honored to help defend homeschooling through the court system in California in 2008. Where ever you live, our program is geared to help you teach your own children at home! We will explain were to begin and walk you through the steps in getting started. Your options for how to homeschool are as unqiue as each of your children.”

          Where Should I Begin?

          1. Call to have your questions answered (1-800-525-4419),
              2. Contact us for a FREE information packet, OR
              3. Fill out an online registration.Our staff will contact you.
              4. Decide textbooks, workbooks, online (or a combination).
              5. Get started! (Any time, year-around)

    Sunland is a homeschool/independent study program based in Los Angeles, consisting of caring families, serving families throughout the United States and in foreign countries. Homeschool students returning to public high schools can have problems transferring credits. For this reason, Sunland is an accredited homeschool program. Terry Neven began Sunland in 1986 with 24 students and has currently served thousands of families. These pages provide information about homeschooling services, pictures curriculum , online homeschool and other related resources.

      We enroll any family desiring assistance. We require families respect our values, and raise and educate their children to become moral, upstanding citizens. Sunland provides services for Pre-Kindergarten - 12th grade. A family can provide education for their children Testing Informationthrough a wide range of approaches (workbooks, textbooks, online homeschooling, group study, summer school, concurrent enrollment, tutor, etc.) Student can graduate from high school and earn a diploma. Beside the traditional Christian homeschool family, every type of family uses this program (actors, athletes, lawyers, teachers, single parents and politicians).

“Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for being there for all homeschooling families. You do a fantastic job and many of us probably would not be homeschooling if it were not for you” Mary B. - California

 Sunland Handbook explains our purpose, philosophy, services, fees and much more!

High School Manual helps a homeschool family plan out their high school student's path towards graduation and their future! Check out this scholarship link! link to fast web

campus daySunland’s Staff are dedicated  to provide support, direction, counseling, advise and encouragement. Laura Neven works hand-in-hand with Terry, encouraging families as they face challenges in raising their children.

Why the Swanson Family Home Schools! These article defines why one family sees homeschooling as a viable educational option.

Registration submit a form is available by phone, through the mail, by appointment, or with our online form. Families living in California receive FREE homeschool legal defense membership.Sunland offers its services nationally!

Accountability is the heart and soul of Sunland's support. Homeschool parents need encouragement, support, direction and a sense of community as they face the ups and downs of homeschooling! We offer various forms of accountability and support. Homeschooling can be more successful by helping families finding the answers to their questions theyclass face along the way..

 Curriculum There are so many types and styles, where should one begin?

Field Trips, etc. (Picture - Megumi Suzuki giving an oral report on Pioneer Dolls) Check out this page for more information about field trips, Friday School, Campus Days, Oral Reports, Science Fair Exhibits, Jr/Sr High annual Washington D.C. trip and other extra curricular opportunities!

Record Keeping helps provide the necessary documentation for recording a student's academic progress each year.

Resources: Tutoring, lesson plans, curriculum counseling, etc.

Payments / Donations. Families can pay for services, tuition, or make a donation.

Sing4Joy - Fuller02Sing 4 Joy Gospel Choir. S4J is an outreach of Sunland (currently on a sabbatical). It is an opportunity for students to learn music and character under the direction of its leadership. During a choir season, this choir performs concerts in local churches

Contact Us Let us know how we can help you, share your comments or concerns, or request our FREE homeschool information packet.

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