Sunland is a private school offering homeschooling (Kindergarten - 12th) to families throughout the United States. Sunland offers a variety of approaches; textbooks, workbooks, online courses, college classes or a combination. Sunland was involved in the California Court of Appeal ruling (2008), declaring homeschooling as legal in California for the first time!

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 We enroll families desiring assistance, request that families respect our values, and raise and educate their children to become moral, upstanding citizens. Sunland provides services for Pre-Kindergarten - 12th grade.

How to Enhance Your Child’s Schooling

By Amy Collett (Bizwell.org) and Terry Neven (Sunland)


If you’re looking into school options for your child, you will most likely find yourself looking at private homeschooling as a consideration. You might feel like you are inadequate to teach your own child, but the average parent, with some guidance, is capable of successfully instructing them! Many parents consider homeschool in order to have control over the school day, type of curriculum, minimize dysfunctional socialization and to have direct understanding of what their child is learning or struggling with academically. And there is more to schooling then just academics, there is character development, values and parental mentoring, just to name a few!


The good news is, homeschooling offers a world of opportunities for people who want to be more in touch with their child’s education and mix things up, adding variety to the educational experience. We created this article to help inspire you to find fun and exciting ways to enhance your child’s schooling.                    more... (Click here for the full article)

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Today families who home school desire reputable institutions that can help with transferable credits. Accreditation is a standard by which colleges, universities, institutions and governmental entities (such as military, police academies, etc.) attempt to qualify incoming students for enrollment in their school. 

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