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Mayim Bialik -
Why I Homeschool My Children

from a Student's Perspective

 Sunland is a private school offering homeschooling (Kindergarten - 12th) to families throughout the United States. Sunland offers a variety of approaches; textbooks, workbooks, online courses, college classes or a combination. Sunland was involved in the California Court of Appeal ruling (2008), declaring homeschooling as legal in California for the first time!

We enroll families desiring assistance, request that families respect our values, and raise and educate their children to become moral, upstanding citizens. Sunland provides services for Pre-Kindergarten - 12th grade.

Today families who home school desire reputable institutions that can help with transferable credits. Accreditation is a standard by which colleges, universities, institutions and governmental entities (such as military, police academies, etc.) attempt to qualify incoming students for enrollment in their school. 

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     With social dysfunction and “other’s” preferences being pushed

on our children, we look for ways to protect our children so they

can develop into mature, upstanding individuals who have values

securely ingrained into their conscious and decision making process. 

     Home schooling is a means of providing them with a setting

for godly character to grow. 

Social Dysfunction
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     Home school legal defense may be a concern for many,

but for Sunland families it is not an issue! In the spring of 2008,

Sunland was given special status in the California Appellate

Court case which made private home schooling legal in California

for the first time! 

     Any Sunland family called into question by the Departments

of Education or of Child Protective Services has been simply

resolved through communication by our school staff. We extend

this protection for free to families enrolled in Sunland, regardless

of where you live in the United States.

Home School Legal Defense
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