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Where Do I Begin?


      So you are thinking about home schooling! Read through the following thoughts and let us help you get started!

Maybe you are excited or feeling anxious! Some families pursue home schooling because they are frustrated with their current educational setting. Whatever reasons you find yourself here on this page, the first thing is do not let yourself become overwhelmed with all the information and choices which are available. The following information is to help you focus on the important points in getting started. While there are many variables (legal defense memberships, special education, college courses, different kinds of curriculum, a variety of approaches to home schooling, various schools and organizations, etc.) stay focused on the important things. Work through the following points to help make direct you in your quest (We can assist you in thinking through the following points):


1. Make sure you are personally available to provide the supervision or instruction needed to effectively home school. Sometimes these responsibilities are shared among the family, or extended family, or through the use of various resources (tutoring, college classes, etc.).


2. Connect with a home school program (such as Sunland, 1-800-525-4419, or another program) which you feel understands you and your children, and can provide you with the needed administrative support (Record Keeping, work permits, graduation and college guidance, etc). You need guidance and counsel through a legitimate program which can meet your legal, emotional, educational and social needs. People need accountability and support!


3. Determine your children's course of study. Many times this should be done with the assistance of a school program's staff. This involves your child's learning style and needs, which topics should be taught, what curriculum or materials will be used, how study and learning will occur. While there are many different philosophies, go with what works for you, and will help your children learn and grow in character.


4. Become involved with other families or activities which support your needs. Do not allow involvement to distract you from your primary goal: to help your children grow and learn. While field trips, group classes and social get-togethers can be fun and helpful, do not allow them to become the controlling factor.


5. Position yourself for evaluation, either by the support of friends, your local home school program, annual achievement test, etc. Being open to check on how you are doing is invaluable. Individuals who do not want feedback or who isolate themselves and their children from these types of relationships, many times fail to also see the sign posts on the road to problems. 


If you desire to talk with our administration about these points, regardless or whether or not you use our services, email or call us at 1-800-525-4419

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