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Credit Recovery


 Students needing to make-up credits or earn credits towards high school graduation may concurrently enroll in our home study program while enrolled as a full time student in their public or private school. Because school districts set their own policies governing concurrent enrollment, a student must receive authorization from their school counselor before enrolling. Courses offered may be used for high school credits, meet California Course Standards and are accredited by the National Independent Study Accreditation Council.



Authorization Form


Summer School


   Home study courses may be taken during the summer to re-take or make-up credits needed for a student to progress to the next grade or to earn credits towards high school graduation. Like concurrent enrollment, a student must receive authorization from their school counselor before enrolling. Summer courses may begin in June but need to be completed by the third week of August. Most courses require 6-8 weeks of instruction.


Courses Available

9th-12th grade English including American Literature, English Literature, World Literature, etc.
General Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 & 2, Consumer Math, Geometry and Trigonometry

Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics (non-lab)

World History, United States History, Government and Economics

Spanish 1 & 2, French 1 & 2, and various electives


Curriculum Types

     Various types of curriculum can be used in completing a course: Textbooks, workbooks, curriculum on CD-Rom or internet courses. Which curriculum is best for a student will be determined upon enrollment.



Tuition—$50 per each semester course, $100 per each year course
     Textbooks ( prices vary)
     Work books: $35—60 per course, 
     CD-Rom—$70 per course, 
     Internet—$160 per semester course,
                    $320 per one year course.

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