Students (or parents) needing assistance in understanding the academics of any given topic may purchase tutoring service from a variety of sources. In every community there are tutoring services available. Some of the best tutors can be honor students from the local public or private school who are available for tutoring at a minimal fee. Tutoring services, resources from the local community college (college programs or students), retired teachers, interested family members, and teachers from local schools are just some of the other resources available. Parents should retain the right to determine if any specific tutoring resource is properly assisting their student. Sunland offers tutoring services for $25.00 per hour. For assistance in finding a tutor, or to inquire about Sunland’s tutoring, contact the school office.


Sunland is a national home school program, accredited by NISAC. Whether you are new to home schooling or a veteran, we can answer your questions.

Telephone : ​1-800-525-4419


Fax : 818-362-1489
Email : sunlandhomeschool@gmail.com

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If you are facing challenges with your child's education, or have questions about teaching your own children at home, let us help.


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