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     Record keeping is an important part of a good home school program. Long after the students have graduated, transfered or moved out of the area, their records are an important "paper trail" which can made transitions smooth or difficult. While some groups may not place a high value on the "paper trail," Sunland has witnessed the distress home schoolers face when they do not have a proper paper trail and need to return their student to a public school setting. The following pages (links) are copies of Sunland's record keeping forms and can be copied and transformed to be used by any home school group. (The use of Sunland's record keeping forms does not constitute enrollment in Sunland, or does it provide legal immunity.) The forms are strictly a suggested guideline for home school groups to maintain a proper paper trail. For assistance, please feel free to contact the school office,1-800-525-4419, or contact us by email.


Sunland's Record Keeping Process (Preschool - 8th grade):
    1. Yearly Objectives (Topics to be taught, scope and sequence, and curriculum)
    2. Attendance Record (Record of completion of each school day - 3 hours per 
        day, 175 days per year - California) Preschool/Kindergarten have no 
        requirements on number of hours or days. While the law doesn't specify the 
        number of  hours per day for "home schooling," this standard was derived 
        from the California tutorial guidelines.
    3. Report Card (Records days of attendance, conduct, and grades for topics 
        which apply to each given student)


Sunland's Record Keeping Process (High School):
    1. Course Description (Provides the title, content, length, curriculum and credits
        for each course)
    2. Attendance Record (Record of completion of each school day, while a 3 
        hour minimum is a good rule of thumb, work completed for the day also can 
        serve as an indicator for completion. 
    3. Semester Grades (Recorded on the Course Description and turned into the 
        school office for a transcript to be typed).


     Home school principals and administrators are welcome to use this process as a guideline and contact our office with any questions (1-800-525-4419).


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