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Sunland's Online Courses


Online Courses are available for any student to take all of their course of study or just one or more courses. Online Courses are an innovative educational approach to teaching using the internet as the textbook or curriculum.

  (Test to confirm your computer meets the needed requirements - FREE test)
1. An active account with an Internet Service Provider (Broadband or DSL is preferred over dial-up. 
2. A multimedia computer meeting the following requirements: 
     A. 486 or Pentium running windows 95 or higher, or Mac running
         OS 7.0 or higher, or Web TV or Set Top Box and television. 
     B. 512MB RAM (1GB preferred) 
     C. DSL or Broadband preferred (dailup will work, but can be frustrating)
     D. CD-ROM 
     E. 1 gigabyte or larger hard drive 

     F. Printer (laser or bubble jet color preferred) 
3. An active e-mail account. 
5. Enroll in the online courses (Registration Form). 


$40 per family 

MONTHLY FEES - non-refundable (Full Time Students):
4 courses (English, math, history, science) - $160 per month
5 course (English, math, history, science, and one elective) - $200 per month

COURSE FEE (part time, concurrent or summer school students only)
$200.00 (per each 1 semester course)
$400.00 (per each 1 year course) 
Upon approval, Course Fee payments could be made in monthly increments 


Online Course List:

 Grade appropriate English, math, history and science are assigned.

High school courses are assigned per each student's needed course of study

These courses are designed for students in high school, meet state and college standards, and are accredited by NISAC (National Independent Study Accrediation Council). Course content is drawn from the best online libraries, museums, and educational sites in the world, and use online lesson plans to direct the course of study. Students are to complete work online which is graded and evaluated.


These courses hold many educational advantages and are available to any student (home schooled, or in a private or public school) for full time enrollment, as an additional course(s) to their schedule, to make-up a course(s), or as summer school course(s). Registered students have 24/7 access to their online course. These are asynchronous courses, which means that students may log on at any time, on any day, to access their lesson and do their work .Following is a complete information (which you can printout), listing computer requirements, costs, courses available, and a greater explanation of the program. For further information call Sunland at 1-800-525-4419, or fill out an Enrollment Application.



An online course is an innovative educational approach to teaching using the Internet as the textbook or curriculum. Courses are designed to meet the California Department of Education's Course Standards (and with some courses, the A-G community college standards). Course content is drawn from the best online libraries, museums, and educational sites in the world , using weekly online lessons to direct the course of study. Graphics, stereo sound, and multimedia pictures enhance many lessons. Students submit their work daily for evaluation.


1. Any Time. Any Where! With asynchronous (24/7 access) instruction, students can work anywhere, anytime they have access to a computer, at their convenience and at their own pace (minimum of 1 lesson / week). The focus is on grasping and understanding the material with the opportunity to delve into areas of genuine interest.
2. Students feel supported by this system and benefit from frequent reviews of their course work.
3. Students are provided with challenging assignments used to measure a student's ability to assimilate learning.
4. Subjects come alive online with sight, sound, full-color graphics, and real time videos. 
5. Curriculum materials are included in the course fee. No need for separate purchases.
6. The Internet provides the most current information available on most subjects, which students can access from the comfort of their own home (at the library or on the road, wherever a student might study and have access to a computer).


These courses are available internationally to any student (home schooled, or in a private or public school students) for full time enrollment,  as an additional course(s) to their schedule, to make-up a course(s), or as a summer school class. 

Registered students have 24/7 access to their online course(s) with an assigned student ID and password through our password-protected web site. Unlike chat or discussion rooms where everyone has to be logged on at the same time, these are asynchronous courses, which means that students may log on at any time on any day to access their lesson and do their work. We do recommend that a regular set time of your choosing be set aside for online courses. Upon completion of each weekly lesson (approximately 3-4 hours of study/work required) and parent review, students submit their work to their teacher who evaluates the work. The teacher responds to the student with suggestions and comments and awards credit and a letter grade each semester, when a course is completed. When students have technical questions or problems with their course, they can receive quick and personal assistance from their teacher or the technical staff through e-mail. Any time a student or parent needs to speak with someone directly, they are encouraged to call our office. 


Parental involvement is an important part of every student's education. Online courses require collaboration between the teacher and parent. Parents are responsible for supervising their student's weekly schedule and completion of course work, seeing that the student understands each assignment, providing general assistance, and reviewing the quality of work. The teacher evaluates the student's online work, confers with the student and the parent as needed, and sends semester grades. 


Contact Information:
13216 Leach St.
Sylmar, CA 91342
(818) 523-6791
(800) 525-4419
(818) 362-1489 fax


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