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     Testing is administered in the spring over a two day period, consisting of approximately four hours each day. Testing can be accomplished in a group setting or “at home.” Testing is available to the general public ($50). The Iowa Test of Basic Skills is administered 1st - 6th grade, while the Stanford Achievement Test is administered to 7th - 12th grades. If you would like to talk with someone about testing, how is works, how to prepare for testing, or other related questions, call us at 818-523-6791.

     “At Home” Testing - Families may test their children “at home.” We send testing materials (pdf file) to you with instructions on how to properly administer the test to your children.


     Testing involves two days. Sign-up and payment required. Testing is sometimes administered at different locations. Tests may be tools for various purposes, such as, evaluating a student's academic mastery, or rating a student for placement or financial purposes.


     ACT, PSAT, and SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) tests are used primarily for college and university entrance, or financial aid, while others, such as, the IOWA Test of Basic Skills, the Stanford Achievement Test (also know as SAT), or the California Test of Basic Skills (CTBS), may be used for pass/fail or evaluation purposes. Call for more information on the ACT, PSAT or SAT.


      An annual achievement testing is one method for home schoolers to have a pulse on how their children are doing academically. While testing is limited in measuring every child's academic skills, it can be a helpful tool in the assessment process. Sunland requires testing of students in the 3rd grade, 5th grade and those in the 7th grade and older. Mastery  of 10th grade level skills, in language and math, is required to earn a high school diploma.





    Those desiring to earn a diploma from Sunland must take and pass an Exit Exam in both English and math. They must score within the 10th grade level in both areas, as well as complete Sunland’s high school course of study required for graduation. Homeschooled families within Sunland must obtain a test code before taking the test. Both tests are available through the internet.


     Non Sunland homeschoolers who desire to discover their Exit Exam scores may take both tests. There is a $40 fee, per test, to have their results scored and released. 


     Group rates for testing are available to ISPs and PSPs for both Exit Exams and Annual Achievement tests. ISP administrators desiring to have their graduating seniors verify a specific mastery level (an Exit Exam) in order to earn a diploma may contact our office for details.

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