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I also owe a big thank you to my teacher and principle Terry, and his wife Laura. My mom enrolled me in Sunland Christian School (an amazing homeschooling organization by the way, if any one is looking to homeschool their children) when I was 14. When I was 15, they started some "help" classes at the school office. I took the english class, which was personally taught by Terry. The constant encouragement I received from Terry, and from Laura, really gave me that extra boost I needed. Finally, it wasn't just my mom telling me these things. And having the extra reassurance was what got me through it. Because despite what some people may think, homeschooling is NOT the easy route. It is just as much work, if not more, than regular school. And some days, I just didn't have it in me. But the combined push from my mother, Terry, and Laura is what got me through it all.

So thank you. Thank you for inspiring my mind."


Samantha S.


One word: Godsend. My daughter is an aspiring ballet dancer who needed more flexibility with her schedule. For various reasons we decided to try independent study again, having done it once for 5th grade. So glad we did. She has grown, prospered, and acquired more confidence than I ever could have imagined. Parents, DO NOT BE AFRAID to step out of the box if you feel called to homeschooling. SCS will not only make it possible, they will help take you farther than you could dream of.


Rexanne E.



I will always be thankful to God for placing our family under the leadership and guidance of Sunland Christian School. The wisdom and knowledge of The Principal,Terry Neven has been so timely and accurate. 20yrs plus, 3 children graduated, I am still in awe. I highly recommend this school to anyone home schooling.


Estella R.



I am so very thankful to the Lord for the work that the Neven's have been doing faithfully all of these years. One can believe they are the only ones homeschooling, believing the Word (sounds a little like Elijah talking to God re: Baal worshippers), knowing that there are others and what we do day to day is legitimate and important, it helped me stand on what I believe when no one else did...thank you Neven family! God bless you.


Angie K.

Thank you! I just have to say your program has been a huge blessing to us. Athena was able to move to LA and start her career at 16, and is now being led into a position with God mentoring young women in the industry. Leila just finished her first semester of college for music and has a major label interested in her work. None of this would be possible without the flexibility and educational support you have given them.


Diana K. 

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