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The purpose of accreditation is to engage the institution in self-assessment with the goal of strengthening and sustaining quality and integrity. Accreditation of schools demonstrates a confidence by the accrediting agency of a school's standards of excellence. Such standards ensure that a school has goal-directed plans of action that guide its performance, effectiveness and development with an emphasis on student learning.

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Homeschool court case

2008 California Appallate Court Case


Sunland was granted special status in a 2008 California Court of Appeals case which set a favorable state precedent for homeschooling for the first time in California history! It’s not very often that a homeschool program makes state and national news, but Sunland had the honor of being a part of California history.

What About Socialization?


The question of socialization is by far the most popular, and the most misunderstood, question asked about home schooling. If socialization means "learning how to get along with others," a group setting with one's peers is not always the best environment. In an overcrowded and under-supervised group, children can learn to be cruel, bully, push and shove, and be exposed to dysfunctional socialization (cursing, promiscuity, violence). 

Home School Socialization

Public Schools - Our Opinion


Sunland exists as a pro-family organization. We recognize the need for public schools, which will endeavor to educate the masses for time until eternity. We recognize the right of parents to direct their children’s education and meet their individual needs, without government interference.

Public School

Department of Children's Services


Horror stories of children being torn from their families by workers from a state's Department of Children's Services (DCS) often train home schoolers to fear "the dreaded knock" on their door by any civil servant. One's personal goals and emotional reactions, the philosophical agenda of a support group, the advice of a home school legal defense fund, and one's perception and interpretation of a given contact, all play major roles in whether one exacerbates the problem or becomes a part of the solution. 

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