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A student unaccompanied by an adult out in public during school hours could receive a daytime truancy ticket from the local police. While this law may not seem fair to home schoolers, we need to respect the law in order to eliminate any complications to our already busy lives. Sunland discourages parents allowing their minors to routinely be out in public without a specific purpose.  Sunland has created a form to assist their families in avoiding a ticket. (Forms available to Sunland families). The more specific details you can give on the form the better. Each form is valid only for the specific time/date/location.


Good Example: Location:  Ralphs at Foothill and Lowell in Tujunga
Purpose: To buy milk
Time: 12-12:30 pm

Poor Example: Location: Foothill Blvd
Purpose: To meet with friends
Time:  afternoon


While this form was created to reduce the risk of obtaining a daytime truancy ticket from the local police, this form does not provide legal immunity. This information should not be construed as legal advice.

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