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     There are a variety of things to be considered. Homeschooling may be the best educational and social approach for every child, but it might not work for every family. Many families see positive changes in their children’s education and behavior as a result of homeschooling, and wish they had begun homeschooling earlier. Here are some things to consider.

     First, families may undergo changes as a result of choosing to home school. Homeschooling is not a quick fix, but requires parental involvement. Communicating with your student, check their school work, setting boundaries, discussing life issues, all become a part of what makes homeschooling work. Finding the balance between being a “free spirited” parent or a “control freak” is important, but can take time, effort and require sharpening your parenting skills.

     Secondly, even though you may not have "teaching credentials," being capable of teaching your children at home merely requires your willingness and some hard work. But the benefits well outweigh the work. Homeschooling is sometimes an opportunity to get in touch with your children in a way that can last a lifetime. You can learn to identify your children's needs and discover resources or ways for meetings those needs. Needs can be spiritual, developmental, academic, physical and/or social. It is important to know that you are not going to ruin your child or create a socially backwards person by choosing to teach them at home!

     Finally, there are many questions a family may face before determining whether or not to home school. Some families jump in and ask questions later. Others wait until they are satisfied with their preparation process. Doing what works best for your family and considering each child's needs may even result in homeschooling some of your children while others continue in a traditional class setting. Home schooling does not need to be an all or none situation. It is not necessarily the cure-all. It may be something your family tries for a year, or a semester and then reviews the overall outcome.

     We are available to discuss your situtation with you and answer any questions you have about "Is homeschooling right for my family?" If you would like, give us a call at 1-800-525-4419 or email us as

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