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Sunland is accredited by the National Independent Study Accreditation Council (NISAC)Accreditation is a standard by which colleges, universities, institutions and governmental entities (such as military, police academies, etc.) attempt to qualify

incoming students for enrollment in their school. Accreditation is a third party appraisal of a school, examining their organization, mission, method of operation, standards and assessment, supervision and evaluation of their student's education. There are many accrediting agencies; regional, religious, national and international.


The purpose of accreditation is to engage the institution in self-assessment with the goal of strengthening and sustaining quality and integrity. Accreditation of schools demonstrates a confidence by the accrediting agency of a school's standards of

excellence. Such standards ensure that a school has goal-directed plans of action that guide its performance, effectiveness and development with an emphasis on student learning.


Colleges, universities, institutions and governmental entities (aka - Post Secondary Education - PSE) each have the right to individually evaluate an applicant's transcript and their graduating school's accreditation to determine their policies and acceptance. While some PSEs desire accreditation from a regional agency, most regional accrediting agencies do not provide accreditation for schools exclusively offering distant learning, home schooling, and/or independent study.


NISAC exists to provide accreditation and credibility for such schools. NISAC accreditation is accepted by most PSEs. Sometimes a PSE may require further information or documentation from a student prior to acceptance of their enrollment. Further information may include; a conversation with the graduating school's administrator, a GED, or other requirements to satisfy their application policies. It can be helpful to know to which PSEs a student plans to apply. Two specific universities which only accept regional accreditation are the University of Phoenix and DeVry University. NISAC schools may also be aware of local PSEs which only accept regional accreditation.


NISAC accredited schools conscientiously work with students in helping them to prepare for their future. They carefully consider, and are concerned about, the services they provide. There are steps each family should take to prepare for their student's post-secondary education. Accreditation is especially important when considering high school graduation and college admissions, therefore, take a moment and discuss your concerns with Sunland's administration.  

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