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     Sunland hosts year-round, open enrollment. Students may enroll as a full time, part time, or summer school student. Courses are completed in a home school style. To enroll your child in Sunland, obtain and fill out enrollment application forms. Mail your application or call the office for an appointment. A non-refundable family registration fee is due upon enrollment.


Registration Fees:
     Enrollment Fee  $90.00 per family
     School Calendar and Record Keeping Binder  (free with enrollment fee)
     Summer School/ Concurrent - $40 per family
     Re-enrollment Fee  $40 per family
     Current family adding a student - $20
     Preschool-Kindergarten (only) - $25.00


Tuition Fees:

     Tuition can be paid yearly, quarterly, or monthly.  Regular tuition is computed on 10 monthly payment schedule, from September through and including June and are due by the 1st of each month. Extended school year and summer school fees are due in one payment.


Monthly Tuition Fees:
     $15.00 - Preschool-Kindergarten students (only)

       40.00  - for 1st student
       10.00  - for second or additional students
       10.00  - additional monthly fee for high school student(s)
         5.00 - late fee per month for late tuition.
       50.00 - summer school or concurrent enrollment, per one semester course
       50.00 - Senior fee (one time administration fee for seniors)


     Other fees include the cost of curriculum (Appr. $50 - for a one semester course, or $280 - $700 per student for a full year, depending on what curriculum you purchase), testing fee ($40.00 per student when testing is required), field trips (prices vary per event), Campus Days, Friday School, Annual Camp out, Lesson Plans or tutoring ($10 per half hour), and graduation costs for seniors.


REFUND POLICY: Registration and paid tuition are non refundable. Books purchased can be returned in complete and good condition for a 90% refund.

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