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Field Trips are opportunities to learn through specific actiivities, such as museums, places of business, communitiy organizations, and natural environments. We encourage you to participate in local activities, either on your own or through a local homeschool support group. 

Here are some suggestions: Find other homeschoolers through your local church, public library, YMCA, parks and recreation, boy and girl scout troops, AWANA programs, youth groups, etc. You can "google - home school support group, list you city" and find local park days or other opportunities to interact with home schoolers in your area. State and county home school support groups may also be a means for connecting with others. Don't be shy. Ask at the grocery store or any other public place when you are out during the day, if a family with children are home schoolers. You might be surprised at the resources you discover! Tell us about the resources you find so we can share them with others. 


 Southern California: Field trips are voluntary opportunities for families in Sunland. Field trips are open to the general public, however, when attendance is limited, priority goes to Sunland families. Field trips require signing-up and paying two weeks in advance.  You can call, email or mail a note with your payment to the office, in order to sign-up. Field trip expenses are usually not refundable. Field trips may be cancelled due to lack of interest or they could be rescheduled.


Some field trips may have specific instructions that have not been shared with the school prior to the event. Please be understanding if you arrive and discover new information. Directions on flyers--while reliable but not guaranteed--are only to be used as an aid in planning. Allow time for the possibility of construction, traffic and unexpected changes. For the courtesy of others, arrive at the field trip in advance of its starting time. When you arrive, keep your children with you at all times. Please, as tempting as it may seem, do not let them climb on, over or between any areas not designated for such activity! This is a common courtesy.

Home school field trip to Washington DC
Home school field trip to a small animal hospital
home school student with kittens
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