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Terry Neven


Terry, the founder and principal of Sunland, began home schooling in 1981. Due to the growing demand for home schooling services, Mr. Neven began Sunland in 1986 with 24 students. After 17 years of pastoring, Mr. Neven began ministering full time to home school families in 1993. Today, Sunland has served thousands of families and continues to grow throughout the United States.


Mr. Neven writes court briefs for families facing child custody issues, guest speaks at churches, home school conferences, and radio and television talk shows and provides consultation to groups starting homeschool programs. For more information on his availability, call (818) 523-6791.


Besides being the father of seven children (one, a severely handicap daughter) and 14 grandchildren (2023), he holds a Bachelor of Theology degree, is a graduate of the Valley Leadership Institute, hosted and produced a weekly radio broadcast, "Educating Our Children," for over eight years and is the executive director of the National Independent Study Accreditation Council (NISAC). He has been a member of an LAUSD accreditation committee, a local public high school PTA and the California Association of Supervisors of Child Welfare and Attendance.


He has participated in legal issues related to home schooling both with the California Department of Education, Los Angeles County Office of Education, the California Superior Court and Court of Appeals. He has been an expert witness for home schooling, and has assisted families in continuing to home school after their having suffered life challenges.


Mr. Neven is available through his office for questions and consultation. 

Terry and Laura Neven, the co-founders of Sunland Home School Program, holding each other lovingly.

Laura Neven


Laura, a preschool teacher for 13 years, had been a lay leader in her local church, Spiritual Devotion's leader, member of the Education Committee, conducted the children's portion of the worship service, as well as gave children's sermons, began studying to become a local pastor and provided itinerant preaching, wrote pastoral articles for the church newsletter, and helped provide family support for the church.


She had created a Senior outreach program as well as worked as a care giver for senior citizens. Along with her mother she assisted in developing a girl’s weekly homemaking program, "Sunshine Girls."


Laura has overseen the accounting and record keeping for Sunland, supervised the Pre-school through 1st grade support program, speaks at parent meetings, advises families on the home schooling process, and along with Terry, provides family and individual counseling.

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