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High School

High School Manual


The high school manual has been prepared to help you home school your high school student and plan their course of study. It is important to understand how home schooling works and to discuss and even write out goals before choosing courses and curriculum for high school. Assistance and counsel is available through Sunland's office. In home schooling a high school student, the following guidelines should be considered:     more



Diplomas / Graduation


Sunland graduates recieve high school diplomas upon meeting the graduation requirements. The diplomas have been accepted by colleges and universities throughout the United States.   more



Credit Recovery / Summer School


Students needing to make-up or retake credits or earn credits towards high school graduation may concurrently enroll in our home study program while enrolled as a full time student in their public or private school.   more



College Classes


High school students can take classes at the community or local college as long as their enrollment is approved by an administrator of their school. These courses can be used for dual credits (college and high school).  more



Work Permits


Sunland, in compliance with the law, requires our students to have work permits when employed either for work experience or for personal experience. The process begins by requesting an application for a work permit from the school office. This form is then to be filled out by the potentially employing company and returned to the school. The school then issues the work permit.      more



Daytime Truancy


A student unaccompanied by an adult out in public during school hours could receive a daytime truancy ticket from the local police. While this law may not seem fair to home schoolers, we need to respect the law in order to eliminate any complications to our already busy lives. Sunland discourages parents allowing their minors to routinely be out in public without a specific purpose.  more



Driver's Education


Students desiring participate in the Driver's Education course may do so by completing one of the following required steps.  more

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