Sunland's Basic Services



Sunland offers all the services of a private school, providing the support and guidance needing in assisting families as they teach their children at home. Here are some of our basic services:



Counsel and Assistance in Determining a Student's

      Course of Study


      Study Style

Monthly Accountability

Record Keeping

Maintain Student Cummulative Files

      Requesting records

      Forwarding Records

Student ID cards

Achievement Testing

Work Permits

Parenting Advice

Assistance for Applying for College/University

Cooperating with IEPs (Individual Education Program - special needs students)

and much, much more......



Sunland is a national home school program, accredited by NISAC. Whether you are new to home schooling or a veteran, we can answer your questions.

Telephone : ​1-800-525-4419


Fax : 818-362-1489
Email :

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Questions About Your Child's


If you are facing challenges with your child's education, or have questions about teaching your own children at home, let us help.


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