Students desiring participate in the Driver's Education course may do so by completing one of the following required steps.

     1. take a Driver's Education course taught at the school office (California only - once each semester - five week

         course, $70),

     2. take a Driver's Education course through a Traffic School in your area for your state, or 

     3. take a Driver's Education course through the internet.

1. The student must be over 15 years of age. He/she must meet physical and mental qualifications of Vehicle Code Sec. 12806a-c. The instructor/parent must be over 25 years of age, possess a valid driver's license, and be capable of teaching.

2. An appointment must be made through the school office in order to begin the Driver's Education course. At the time of the appointment, the program will be discussed, and books purchased. (The Drive Right text book cost is $20.) It is preferred that the student is  present at the appointment.

3. When the classroom work is completed, the completed Instruction Lab Attendance Record must be submitted to the school office.  A certificate of completion will be then issued for the student.

4.   The parent will turn in the letter grade received for the Driver's Education course when grading for that semester's course work.  2.5 credits will be awarded on the student's transcript.

5. This certificate may be taken to the Department of Motor Vehicles, where the student can apply for his learner's permit.  The student at this time takes the written test. Please note instruction "10" below before going to the DMV.

6.   A student with his learner's permit may now start the Driver's Training (behind the wheel).They are required to complete at least 6 hours of instruction and 50 hours of supervised driving practice (10 hours must be at night). The student must have his/her learner's permit for at least 6 months before applying for a driver's license.

7. When the driver's training is completed, again submit the completed Instruction Lab Attendance Record to the school office.  A certificate of completion will be issued.

8.   The student and parent may now take this certificate, for completing both the classroom and in the car training, to the Department of Motor Vehicles. The driving test is taken to receive a driver's license.  Please note instruction "10" below before going to the DMV.

9. Required curriculum and Paperwork:
      a. California Driver Handbook (latest edition)
      b. Drive Right textbook - Sunland will have this available for $20
      c. Parent Teen Training Aid
      d. Driver's Performance Record
      f. Motorcycle Driver Supplement(latest edition)
      g. Instruction/Lab attendance record

10. Please make sure that you bring the required items to the DMV. Please refer to the DMV handbook before going to apply for the learner's permit or for the driver's license.
      a. Certificate of completion 
      b. Birth certificate  (original copy)
      c. Social security number
      d $12.00 Fee
      e. DL-44 (this is the application for permit/license).  One parent must be present at time of test. If both parents are in the home,  both signatures are required. (We give you this so that one parent may sign it before the trip to the DMV.)


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