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Gender Roles: Home School, Protecting Our Children : Socialization

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Protecting Our Children from Unwanted Influences

by Terry Neven

Some in society are attempting to normalize issues which should be left to parental discretion in raising their children. A particularly hot issue today is gender roles. It is one thing to be understanding to all, verses making policies which promote one marginal perspective above all. A social resistance movement against these issues many times strengthens the marginal minority’s position. But a private parental choice can empower families, protecting their children and provide them with a highly effective means of socialization and educating their children with their family’s values. Home school!

A dad reading to his children

There are so many different agendas in today’s society, and their noise (media, television, politics, etc.) can overwhelm even our role as parents in raising children. As parents we must be vigilant and even resistant against the influences (dysfunctional socialization) which attempt to “educate” our children according to other’s opinions and values. Some of these influences have infiltrated our government, education systems and even churches, as they push to normalize their values as “progressive, caring, educated and intelligent.”

The intrinsic role of a parent is protecting one’s children from being exposed to things ahead of their stage of development, until they can maturely decide for themselves. Some of today’s social issues attempt to influence (or confuse) children at a young age, while they are incapable of truly making an informed decision. This is why we have laws against underage drinking, driving and owning weapons. This is why we have laws against adults engaging minors in sexual activity. But society has “cloaked” many of these confusing messages and has attempted socialization through policies and “support” of these movements.

Home school is a choice for parents who want an alternative. The average parent is capable of teaching their own child at home more effectively than a credentialed teacher! With the support of thousands of resources available, parents can find a private school which can direct them in the process. Picking curriculum, understanding a daily home school schedule, maintaining your student’s cumulative folder, trouble shooting challenges, providing social opportunities for interaction with other children, and the list goes on!

Many families who chose home school find their children to be more relaxed (no bullying), they learn more in three months than they did all of the previous school year (a focused education), progress beyond their peers (in both education and social maturity), have the opportunity to pursue their strengthens and interests, and provides parents with the setting to have meaningful, life value conversations with their children.

If you are looking for a solution for protecting your children and family, talk with someone about options. What will work for you? How to get started? This could be the beginning of a wonderful and rewarding journey!

For an opportunity to chat with someone about home school, go to and schedule a Zoom consultation!

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