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Now You Can Homeschool from Anywhere!

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Many families travel, live in multiple locations, reside for short periods of time in given cities, but can effectively homeschool their children from anywhere. Families in foreign countries, temporally away from their own country, or traveling for work related purposes can successfully teach their children to minimize the effect travel could have on their children's education.

When a family homeschools under these conditions, they can supervise the content, schedules, lesson plans and study accomplished by their children. This can provide a consistent education while traveling. Children maintain regular study while receiving the support and help needed for great education.

A variety of parent friendly curriculum is available, from online courses, textbooks, workbooks, video courses to informal courses (PE - Physical Education, cooking, etc.). Some universities offer courses to high school students regardless of their location in the world.

Sunland offers assistance, counsel, record keeping and apistoles for families throughout the world. Even if you do not travel, families can successfully homeschool their children within their own city without the concern of interference.

Contact us by phone (1-800-525-4419), email ( or through the contact form in this web site. We will answer all your questions and assist you in finding the solution for your child's education.

Pre-teen workiing online for school

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